Following, maybe, the example of my journalist daughter, I’ve taken to occasional writing, both for my own pleasure, and also for others to read and hopefully enjoy.

Some examples are:

A light hearted take on why Funerals beat Weddings, published in the October 2017 edition of The Oldie magazine.

My experience as an Extra on the Churchill film Darkest Hour, in which Gary Oldman received the Best Actor Oscar in 2018. Click here.

Also inThe Oldie in December 2021,I'm the last of the Nigels.

For my writing on the City of London and its livery companies, please go to the Livery Companies website.

But for a personal reflection on some of the issues surrounding being the sheriff, eight years on, you can listen toPaul Jagger’sVoices of the Cityinterview with Nigel Pullman here(recorded in July 2020).

And for a more informal take on Nigel Pullman's life, his daughter's description was reported in theDaily Telegraphin October 2013.

Nigel Pullman 2021