The Court of Aldermen has 25 members, one representing each ward of the City of London, together with the Recorder of London. They are elected by the registered voters within the ward, and stand for re-election at least every six years. They retire at 70 years of age. The historic requirement that aldermen sit as magistrates in the City of London was dropped in 2013, but most of those listed below still do.

The list is in order of the year in which they have served as Lord Mayor, and thereafter in the order of their first election as an alderman. The link from their surname should take you to their entry at the City of London website.

Alderman Sir David Howard Bt Cornhill Gardener

Mr Alderman Ian Luder CBE Castle Baynard Cooper

Mr Alderman Nicholas Anstee Aldersgate Butcher

Alderman Sir Michael Bear Portsoken Pavior

Alderman Sir David Wootton Langbourne Solicitor

Alderman Sir Roger Gifford Cordwainer Musician

Mrs Alderman FionaWoolf CBE Candlewick Solicitor

Mr Alderman Alan Yarrow Bridge & Bridge without Fishmonger

Mr Alderman Hon Jeffrey Evans Cheap Shipwright

Alderman Sir Paul Judge Tower Marketor

Dr Alderman Andrew Parmley Vintry Musician

Miss Alderman Alison Gowman Dowgate Glover

Mr Alderman Gordon Haines Queenhithe Horner

Mr Alderman David Graves Cripplegate Solicitor

Mr Alderman John Garbutt Walbrook Weaver

Mr Alderman Neil Redcliffe Bishopsgate Basketmaker

Mr Alderman Peter Hewitt Aldgate Woolman

Mr Alderman Matthew Richardson Billingsgate Wax Chandler

Mr Alderman William Russell Bread Street Haberdasher

Mr Alderman Charles Bowman Lime Street Grocer

Mr Alderman Tim Hailes Bassishaw Solicitor

Mr Alderman Julian Malins QC Farringdon Without

Mr Alderman Michael Mainelli Broad Street World Trader

Mr Alderman Vincent Keaveney Farringdon Within Solicitor

Mr Alderman Peter Estlin Coleman Street International Banker

For more on the Court of Aldermen, please visit this link at the City of London website.

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