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Thank you for visiting the website of Nigel Pullman,chairman of the City of London’s Livery Committee, and until September 2013, one of the two sheriffs of the City of London from September 2012.

All aspects of this site relating to the City of London and its livery companies have now been moved to the new Livery Committee website, and you are invited to visit it atliverycompanies.info

There you will findatA-Z listsand contact details of all 110 livery companies; atBriefingsdetails of the various courses available to liverymen and freemen; theDiaryshows a calendar of forthcoming events; Electionsgives an overview of the various civic offices and their elections, along with lists of office holders past and present; theLibraryholds publications for further reading; and theLivery Committeeexplains who they are.

This site (nigelpullman.info) will become more personal to Nigel.

January 2015

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