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Thank you for visiting the website of Nigel Pullman,chairman of the City of London’s Livery Committee, and until September 2013, one of the two sheriffs of the City of London from September 2012. This website concentrates on City of London civic matters, and particularly those relating to the Livery Companies and the Sheriffs.

The Livery Committee has two principal purposes – to oversee the arrangements for Common Hall: at the Election of Sheriffs on Midsummer Day and the Election of the Lord Mayor each Michaelmas Day. And to act as the conduit for communication between the livery (and its masters, prime wardens, courts, liverymen and clerks) and with Guildhall (including the Chamberlain’s Court), Mansion House, and the Old Bailey, on any matter affecting the interests of the general body of the Livery. Hence, the committee is a means of improving communications between the Corporation and the Livery, increasing the involvement of Liverymen in City affairs, and acting as a forum for discussion.

The sheriffs are elected for a one year term of office by the liverymen of the 109 livery companies each Midsummer Day (24th June), and their year at the Old Bailey runs from the day before Michaelmas (28th September) for the next 12 months.

It is a necessary qualification before being elected the Lord Mayor to be both an alderman, and to have served the office of sheriff. Nigel Pullman is not an alderman, and he has no plans nor ambition to ever become the Lord Mayor. In addition to their duties supporting HM Judges at the Central Criminal Court, and the Lord Mayor at Mansion House, the City of London, and further afield, the two sheriffs also play an active role in his Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

And now, take a moment, if you wish, to explorethesite andread more about the Sheriffs and the Livery Committee of the City of London.

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